Microsoft Office Instructions

Microsoft Office Instructions

Instructions to download, install & activate without using the DVD

Instructions to install & activate using the DVD


If you purchased a DVD installation Disk, Skip to step 7

Step 1- Go to Microsoft website
Step 2- Create a new Account or Sign In to the account you would like
to redeem the License key in order to Download Microsoft Office.
Step 3- Input the license key provided to you.
Step 4- Choose your Country/Region and Language, then click Next.
Step 5- Confirm Product key and Click on Next again to take you to the next screen to download Microsoft Office 2019.
Step 6- After Clicking Next you will be able to see and verify the product name & license key as well as a
Download button to get the software onto your computer and install it.
Step 7- After you complete the installation process, open up
Microsoft Word.
This one step is ONLY valid if you install using the Physical DVD Installation Disc.
If you did not use a physical DVD, please continue to step 8.
“Once you open up Microsoft Word you will get a pop up asking for a License Key, that is where you need to input the one provided to you.”
Step 8 Once you see the Activation Wizard, please choose the option to Activate by Telephone and click Next.
Step 9- After clicking on Next you should see your Installation ID.
Step 10- Go to Microsoft activation page to confirm your Installation ID.
Then select 7 Digits.
Step 11- Input your Installation ID and click Submit.
Step 12- On the next page, input 0 as the amount of computers you have installed your product,
then click Submit.
Step 13- You will now see your Confirmation ID.
Step 14- Input your Confirmation ID inside the empty white boxes of the Activation Wizard,
then click Next and your Microsoft Office Activation will be completed!
If you have any issues with the activation message us and we will get back to you as soon as possible and help you fix the problem.